We Need To Talk About… | Episode #1

A few weeks ago, 2 of by business besties and I were having one of our regular Skype catch ups. These chats online have become super special to me as working from home juggling kids, trying to keep all the balls in the air can get bloody hard! As soon as I speak with my Kate’s, it always leaves me feeling less alone.

Isn’t it crazy how connected we are yet we can often feel a little lonely.

Especially if you’re at home with little people or working solo a lot of the time like I am.

So we decided that maybe, just maybe, people would be interested in what we were talking about. So We Need To Talk About... was born.

Now this isn’t some super researched high brow discussion, or where we give you the secret tools to a perfect dream life/ business/ family/ relationship. It’s the three of us having an honest chat, asking questions and looking at new ways to think about things.

Episode #1 is all about connection.

Some of the things we touch on are:

  • how to get over feeling isolated when we’re working by ourselves
  • how we get ourselves (and each other) our of those useless but all-to-frequest pity parties we hold in our heads
  • how throwing on some lingerie can change your whole day! 😉

So grab a cuppa, hit play and come have a chat…



Lip Colour

LipColour_featureAfter my chat about lip shape options a few weeks back, I’ve been getting lip-creative. Don’t worry – just with the colour, NOT the shape!

I’ve tried to do the dark lip thing but it just doesn’t work for me. Plus I’m scared that it’ll get on my teeth and have me looking more like a pirate than Lily Aldridge. (Coz the only difference between me and LA is her ability to pull off a purple lip! Heheh!)Continue reading


What Shape Do You Like Your Lips?!

What Shape Do You Like Your Lips

I’m super excited to share the very first guest contributor post on the blog! Meet Soreya – she’s the one I wrote this post about. After a deep and meaningful about a very important topic – lip shape – I asked if she’d write for the blog and I’m so excited she said yes!

Vari x

“What shape do you like your lips?” she asked.

Who knew that was even a consideration? I went to well known make-up store recently to buy a lipstick and I’ve been questioning so very many things ever since!

Questioning includes, but is not exclusive to;

  • Do I have boring lips?
  • At 32 am I old and out of the “new make-up trends” loop?
  • Why does my buying make-up feel like I’m taking part in an Ironman event??

Continue reading

Life + Loves

What I’m Googling… #1

WhatImGoogling_iris apfel podcast

I’m super curious by nature. Overhearing something while I’m waiting for my coffee in the morning, I can’t help but reach for my phone (who am I kidding – of course I’m on Instagram) and do a little Googling.

I reckon you can tell a lot about someone by what’s on their tv planner (Super Soul Sundays, Victoria’s Secret fashion show, The Graham Norton Show…), Spotify playlists (90’s hits, Florence and the Machine, Sia, The Bieb…) and what their Googling.

So here’s a few things I’ve been typing in the search bar lately…Continue reading


Nicole Warne Style


There’s something so captivating about Nicole Warne, aka Gary Pepper Girl. She has such a timeless and classic look. It’s that perfect combination of elegance and effortlessness that draws you in, I think.

What I love most though is how she uses social media and has built her brand in such a mindful and considered way. I’m so intrigued at how she has retained a high level of privacy with such poise and class.Continue reading