I’ve always been flakey and unfocused.

At least that’s what I used to tell myself.

I’d beat myself up for moving from job to job, country to country. But I came to realise, not so long ago, that what I told myself was a lack of focus was really just my creativity guiding me.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always identified as being artistic and creative. My very first school report at age 5 said, ‘Vari likes to draw and paint and talk,’ Yep – you got me, Ms Aitken! This creative pulse has manifested in so many different ways. Especially when it comes to my work.


So what’s my cocktail line?

You know, the one I’d give you at one of those awkward business’y networking events (if we ever went to an awkward business’y networking event, that is…).

Hi, I’m Vari. I’m a freelance illustrator, designer and model.

Since leaving the corporate world back in 2010, I’ve worked as a freelance creative with businesses from the start up solo-preneur to international brand powerhouses, helping them to speak straight to the heart of their
clients and customers.

And if it goes well and we move to a second date? Here are some of the things you’d find out about me…

  • The day cannot start until I’ve had my coffee.
  • I always have more questions than answers.
  • My best ideas come to me either at 3:27am… or in the bath.
  • Whenever my feet hit the sand, I’m home. Regardless of where on the beautiful planet I find myself


Curious (adj.)

  1. marked by desire to investigate and learn
  2. strange; unusual.

One of the people who knows me best said this was the word she’d use to describe me. My immediate reaction? What a compliment!

So I decided to swap flakey for curious.

I’m curious about people and places and how things work. About the energy that art and words have and how that impacts and connects people.

So me and my friend, Curiosity, decided to leave home in Glasgow at 17 and see what magic and mischief we could find. From New York to Melbourne and many places in-between, I’ve travelled the world with this endlessly inquisitive companion.

And I always feel like we’re just getting started.


What I know to be true…

  • That beauty and art matter. More so now than ever.
  • That the opposite to freedom is trying to live in a way that pleases others 100% of the time.
  • That the ‘gatekeepers’ (publishers, agencies, gallerists, labels…) are now redundant. We have more opportunities than ever to put our art out into the world. Simply by announcing it (to the world or just to ourselves) we become it. Writer, artist, musician, photographer, poet, actor, entrepreneur… We get to choose.
  • That play is a non-negotiable every single day.
  • That the most important thing is to be happy.


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