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Early Aug 2021

Because no-one benefits from your playing small.

It’s ok to want your life to go from good to great. 


You know that...

But why do you feel so stuck?
And bored?

Here's the thing:

Here's What You CRAVE:

More freedom and momentum

You're sick and tired of the groundhog day existence and being a slave to that never ending to do list of yours. 

More simplicity and ease

You're doubting if you should even aspire to a life of simplicity and ease. Because that's just not possible with all the things and people you have to take care of, right?

More peace and fun

The constant low-level anxiety that seems to follow you around has become all too familiar.

You want to feel excited and energised in your life TODAY, not a year (or 10) down the track.

A 4 month group coaching experience. 
It’s for smart-but-stressed women who know their life is good... but who crave more.



Session #1 starts
16th August

Your          are your life in 

As you live your            so you create

As you live your            so you craft








This is different from anything you’ve tried previously when it comes to getting organised and setting goals.

You have the ability to start crafting great days in the weeks ahead. 

I can show you how.

This isn’t some quick fix life hack, fancy app or expensive piece of productivity software.

Here’s why…

Registration opens

Early Aug 2021







How does this sound?

We tackle overwhelm and exhaustion from a scientific perspective. 

We create new neural pathways in your brain.

We break the habit of being yourself.

We prioritise your
free time FIRST.
(Free time?!?! Whaaat?!?! Yep, trust me.)

We look at how your thinking and your brain have been keeping you stuck in ‘maintenance mode’

“Vari's program exceeded all my expectations and has undoubtedly changed my life forever."

- Tanya / Sydney

I hear ya.


I know exactly how this feels.


I’ve said all of these things at least 100 times.



Here's what

I’m exhausted.

I just don’t have enough time.

I’m so busy.

I don’t even know what I want anymore!

I’m sick and tired of yelling at my kids.

I’m so stretched that I’m failing at everything.

There’s no fun in my life anymore.

Registration opens

Early Aug 2021

You want to move on from #pandemiclife

You want to fall in love with your life again

You want to feel a sense of control over your time

You want to get back to basics and make your life effortlessly manageable

You want to cultivate a sense of certainty (regardless of what’s happening in the world)

and you want to create an environment for your kids to thrive as they watch you be an example of a woman who is sure and certain in herself and who values freedom and fun.

This 4 month program is for you if:

Session #1 starts
16th August

2021 was the year that you created a future that
was                              than
your past?

way better

What if

Important note:

The Good to Great Sessions is NOT a business coaching program.

It will not teach you how to narrow your niche, master Facebook ads, write killer copy, create programs, grow your email list, 10x your income…

What it will teach you is:

How to create a life that is intentional and meaningful for you, starting today.

It will show you how to manage your brain and your emotions to become unstoppable in your life. 

It’ll walk you through the process of living into your future with purpose and clarity. 

It’ll teach you how to define the woman you want to become and start living her life now.

This      for you if:

Your are endlessly juggling work and life

You'd rather cruise through life in auto pilot

are sick of listening to yourself complain about what a shit-storm the pandemic caused was and you want to start having fun again

you want someone else to give you a quick fix for life

are open to new ways of doing life and are willing to try new things

It's probably        for you if:

your life is 100% amazing 100% of the time 



can carve out 2hrs per week for the next 4 months

(If you’re doubting if this is even possible for you, you’re going to laugh at the idea of not having 2 free hours a week by the end of our time together! You’re going to have waaaaay more!
Trust me!)

If you don’t think The Sessions have been helpful after
4 weeks, you can cancel.

If you follow my directions, attend all the sessions, and apply the tools + concepts I teach, it will be virtually impossible for your life NOT to be drastically calmer, more organised and way more fun than it is now.

money back 

Here's the clincher...



you can keep all the materials and session recordings up to that point.

everything changed

If you want to make 2021
the year that 

for the better,
you’ve literally got nothing to lose!

Registration opens

Early Aug 2021

I was a little hesitant at first to sign up at first...

...because I thought, 'What else could she possibly teach that I'm not already getting for free?'

I was so wrong, and am so grateful that I listened to that little voice encouraging me to go for it. I invested in myself and signed up, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

So much gold!

ONE OF THE best decisions I've ever made.

"Vari's approach and coaching is so relatable and easy to implement.

The weekly sessions instantly makes me feel a sense of calm and keeps me on track with my goals."

BELLA / Gold Coast, Qld:
the value is 10x the investment. At least!

"I love that I can listen back to the recordings of the sessions again and again!

The insights and teachings are so great, one listen just isn't enough. I'm a lifelong learner and love that I can dive back in whenever I need to."

MIM / Melbourne:
So Much Gold!


I had been listening to Vari's podcast for several months before I jumped into the The Good to Great Sessions.

These sessions
are a game-changer...

Best investment ever.

The investment for this program is 4 monthly payments
of $297AUD.

the investment:

Registration opens

Early Aug 2021

How much would you pay to never procrastinate again?

tell me:

How much would you pay to get an extra 5-10hrs in your week to spend however the hell you want?

How much would you pay to have a step-by-step process that you can apply to any situation (for the rest of your life!) to create the exact results you want?

(More money in your bank, a healthier body, better relationships?)

It's true.

I believe in this process so much that there is no risk to you whatsoever.  If it doesn’t work for you, you can cancel after the first month. 

Simple as that.

You get to write the story of your life.  And you get to start living into that life today. Regardless of what’s happening in the world.

I can show you exactly how to do it in The Good to Great Sessions.

It is the sum of                                         successfully done that lifts a life out of bondage to the humdrum.

- Dorothea Brande

small things

- Siera / LONDON

I've always been good at setting goals but the step-by-step process the Vari teaches sets a solid foundation that makes anything achievable! My life was good before, but now I have the tools to make it great!

“From Session 1,
I knew I'd made the right decision."

“I'm so glad I followed my gut! ”


Since making the decision to join The Good To Great Sessions, my life is unrecognisable!

Vari's philosophy and teaching showed me that I am in complete control over my life. Something I never thought I'd feel! Without exaggeration, this 4 months has saved my marriage and my life.

Registration opens

Early Aug 2021

This program gives you the tools and practices you need to start cultivating a great life today.

I show up 100% for each and every one of my clients.
But I am not a saviour.
I am a guide.

If you commit to following and implementing the teachings for each of the sessions, you're life will move from good to great, starting immediately.

You do not have to wait for the life you want.
It is available to you today.
Let me how you how.

How are the weekly Sessions delivered?

Sessions will be available for you each Monday at 10am. Sessions are delivered in a 60 min video along with accompanying worksheets for your to implement what you've learned immediately in your life. You will have lifetime access to all 16 Sessions so you can dive back in at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to commit each week?

If you can find just 2-3hrs per week to take the Session, do the exercise and attend the live coaching call, your life will improve in the most profound ways. I've watched it happen for so many clients.

Do I have lifetime access to the materials?

Yes - all Session recordings, live coaching recordings and materials are yours to keep and revisit forever.

Do I get 1:1 coaching from you?

The weekly live coaching sessions are with my own personal coaches. These are the women I turn to on a regular basis to keep me aligned and on track with my goals. They are incredible coaches and are trained in the same concepts and tools that you learn from me in the weekly video Sessions.

Do I get to interact with the other people in the group?

There is no community element of this program. And that is done intentionally. In a world where we can be distracted my digital noise, I want to create a space that is clean, elegant and highly effective for you to take your life from Good To Great

How may people are in the group?

I believe that we are all craving more depth and intimacy in our lives at the moment. So each intake of The Good To Great Sessions is capped at 20 clients. 

Is there a live coaching element?

You bet cha! Each week there will be a live coaching session with one of my own personal coaches. This is where you can be coached personally on anything that is going on for you in your life as you move through the Sessions. Nothing is off the table. These live coaching calls will be recorded and made available immediately after the live session.

Registration opens

Early Aug 2021