Partner with me

I only work with a select few clients each year. 

Applications are open now.

You're running a wildly successful business. 

At least that's how it looks from the outside. But not how it feels when you lie awake at 4am, your brain spinning 1 million mph.

You're making a shit ton of $. 

Most likely multi 6 figs or edging in on the 7 figs.

You're constantly told how lucky you are / happy you must be / amazing you are at the juggle...

But it sure as Hell doesn't feel like that as you sit at the dinner table, frantically replying to emails and pretending to listen to the kids.

You've got everything you dreamed of.
And you've worked your ass off for it.

But you're the loneliest, emptiest, most exhausted you've ever been. 
And you can't see a way out.

You've taken the courses, joined the programs, read the books, listened to the podcasts, gone to the conferences...

And sure, life feels easier for a day or two.  Then slips back into the all-too-familiar monotonous chaos of recent years.

Everyone online is talking about how you should be 'growing your business'.

That's 100% NOT what you want. 

What you secretly dream of is to maintain what you've created and simplify your life.

So you can actually enjoy your life right alongside your business success.

Fuck . Right . Off .

To that you say,

You've been in this game for a while.

You know quick fixes and life hacks are just bullshit click bait.

You learned the hard way.

The slow way.

The expensive way.

You're in it for the long term. 

'Coz that's the thing!

That's the kinda depth of support you've been looking for. 

Someone to link arms with. 

Someone to partner with.

Someone who spends the time actually getting to know you and your business.



shiny as fuck

picture perfect onInstagram...

to everyone else
and appear

Life can look

Yet behind the scenes (and filters)
you're actually holding it together
with the barest of threads on the regular.

I have 5 spots available to partner with clients like you in 2021.

This is a deep and intimate partnership.

This is where we transform your life from looking GOOD to actually feeling GREAT.

If this is you



Business owner + mother of 2

"Juggling business and motherhood can be a nightmare or a privilege."

Vari will help you get back into balance so you can live the dream as intended.

I love working with Vari.

She has helped with my mindset, marketing and even relationships!

"Who would have thought time management could be so sexy!?"


Artist + designer

Without exaggeration, working with Vari has saved my life, career, relationship and sanity!

This isn't some old school way of getting organised and setting goals. Vari infuses this unshakable, easy and sensual energy into every aspect of her life. And when you work with her, you catch it! 

Here are

- 6 month intimate 1:1 private coaching with me, Vari McKechnie

- In-person luxury retreats / workshop days in Melbourne

- Personal access to me via email, phone and text

- Weekly personalised coaching

- plus So. Much. More.



My zone of genius is guiding you to create a vision for EXACTLY what you want your life to look and feel like.

And then taking you to that place and beyond.

I've done it myself.

And with all of the clients I've taken on this transformational journey.

I can take you there too.